Women and Shopping

Have you ever been behind a woman at the register at a market or pharmacy?
I love the way they wait until all the items are rung up …and then the pull out their wallet like they”re surprised the that actually have to pay for the items.
I’m just trying to buy some advil and have to wait and extra 15 minutes while they sort out their money.

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Electric toothbrushes – conspiracy or not?

For the past several years I’ve enjoyed the luxury and conveinence of electric toothbrushes. Recently, on a trip abroad I had to purchase a “static” toothbrush. The disappointement started.
I ‘ve ended up using certain muscles and exercise that haven’t used in a long time. Several Advil later, I realized that this is just another part of the larger agenda to make America fat. Scums.

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ATT Sucks

I live in NYC and I can’t get service at my office in mid-town or my home on the LES.
What’s the deal ATT?
Recently, I was take a trip abroad and contacted ATT to get a plan that would allow me to call the US from overseas.
I was given the wrong plan and it cost me $1200 for a 10 day trip.
ATT never apologized nor fixed the matter – Scumbags!!

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girlfriend hosed me

I broke my leg cleaning my girlfriends gutters and she rewarded me by shagging my physical therapist…

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Enron, Scumbaggery Incarnate

The Crooked E

Enron is the epitome of scumbaggery.  No one escaped getting scammed when it came to Enron.  Whether you were a competitor, municipality, retiree, or long time dedicated employee, the management stuck it too you and stole as much money as possible.

Of course, they robbed California blind.  They also forbid company employees to sell their stock when it was $32 while allowing executives to sell as much as they could.  Not until the stock sank to $11 were regular employees allowed to sell.  Scumbaggery that stole 66% of their money.

While that was bad for Enron employees in general, the greatest crime was perpetrated against the long-time employees of smaller local utilities that Enron had bought in the years before.  People who had worked at very safe public utilities their whole lives had their pensions and stock stolen converted to Enron stock.  Thirty years of work & savings was gone forever by some Texan company they hadn’t heard about 5 years before.  Small town blue collar workers, robbed of their life long hard work & savings.

The eventual criminal cases led to the conviction of executive architects Ken Lay, Jeffery Skilling and Andrew Fastow.  Chairman Ken Lay “died” at the oddest of times… it was the exact week when, if he died, authorities could not touch or go after one penny of his Enron money, it automatically all went to his surviving family.  He either pulled a Hannibal or, like the true scumbag he was, faked his death.

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